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Business and Executive Coaching 

“My goal is to support my clients to successfully deliver projects, navigate through change, gain clarity on decisions, save money, and enjoy the transformative journey”



"The world fascinates me" (Andy Warhol) is my attitude to life. I'm a technology enthusiast and (ad)venture fan.
I am specialized in coaching project managers and executives during change and transformation. With a 20-year background in change consulting, project management and venture building, I know the particular challenges and I am passionate about coaching my clients during these exciting phases. 

What I Do

Especially large-scale and change projects have a disheartening low success and on-budget rate. Project managers, the entire project team as well as executives are under enormous pressure to deliver. Due to this pressure, goals, team enablement, and clarity of decision are at risk. Often, the project is reported in a lovely "melon color" - outside it appears to be green, but if you cut it open, it's red. 

My coaching method is designed to support projects. It's not agile coaching but business and executive coaching to increase satisfaction and performance. I close the gap between project management and coaching by including the crucial human success factor.


  • Are you missing an external holistic support for your project situation?

  • Are you about to start a major project/ initiative and want to lay ground for project and personal success?

  • Is your project running late and/or out of budget?

  • Are you at a point where you think of pivoting or stopping your project or corporate venture?

  • Is your team demotivated or stressed?

  • Would you like to gain clarity on decisions or constellations?

My Services

My objective is to increase the success and stability rate of my clients’ projects. During my coaching meetings, project managers are allowed to press the pause button, change the perspective, uncover new possibilities, gain valuable insights and subsequently, take actions towards better communication, team enablement, stakeholder management and project capabilities

First 100 Days

“A new project or (ad)venture starts - lay ground for success”

Individualized Coaching

“Gain, clarity and achieve goals”

Back on Track

“6-10 months coaching to get your project back on track”

S.O.S. Coaching

“Urgent coaching for pressing challenges”

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